E/F – the glass of youth


E.  Things that we never would have done had we known better, but that we must live with to the end of our days.

F.  Wonderful things and great discoveries that never would have happened had we known better.

Note:  E/F will be a recurring feature of truth and rocket science. If you have a half-glass photo to share, or want to create one, send it to me at jguidry.7 AT gmail DOT com and I’ll use it in a future posting, with full credit to you.  Make sure that you tell me the story behind the photo, including the contents of the glass, in the following manner . . .

Credit:  This standard Williams Sonoma pint glass is half-filled with Hoegaarden whitbier.  Its taste is semi-tart and well-accented with a slice of lemon.  It sits on a small faux-marble coffee table, in front of a love seat futon that was found on the sidewalk in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Sixth Avenue b/t Garfield and Carroll, on a spring day in 2008.  As the mattress was clean and the frame in almost perfect shape, we took it home because we needed a sofa.  Ah, providence.


a comfortable living room, for people and cats

The paintings were acquired in Bahia, Brazil in the summer of 1998.  The artist signs himself “Alberto,” and they are of mixed media, acrylic paint with splatters of sand and swatches of cloth added for texture.  I don’t recall the name of the shop, but I could certainly find it in a minute upon return to the city.

The coffee table was given to me by a friend to hold for her while she moved back to Rockford, Illinois to live in the barn on the family farm while writing her first three books.  One day she may want the table back, but until then, it’s here.


Pixie, ace mouser

Pixie, the cat, is about five and a half years old.  She came into the family in February of 2005, for the specific purpose of eradicating the mice that had beset us in the fall of 2004.  As I told Duke, Pixie was “a technician,” and she proved a very effective one:  in her first 14 days, she took out 13 mice, and we never saw another one.


Duke loves Pixie


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6 responses to “E/F – the glass of youth

  1. micehell

    ooh this sounds fun! and now, the contemplation begins. 🙂

  2. micehell

    i forgot to add, you have a magnificent living room. 🙂

    • m: thanks! please submit a half glass photo with story. or, as you can see, at least two photos of the glass and the setting. i like my living room. it’s comfy. spent a long time trying to deal with the feng shui of it. the key was turning the sofa out of the corner. ever since that day, the cat has spent about 12 hours a day in that one spot.

  3. This is an incentive to get a digital camera. Will a photo taken with my blackberry work? And what are you doing with these photos and discriptions may I ask?

    • Kaoru, of course you may ask!

      What I want to do is collect a few interesting photos of half-full glasses that people who read the blog think are interesting photos, and then I would use their photo for a half-glass posting. I would also tell the story about the photograph, the glass, the contents of the glass, just like I did here with mine. I just thought it would be fun.

      I have two more of these done with photos of other drinks (non-alcoholic drinks, too) and a bunch of half-glass posts written. I also plan to go to local cafes and bars and ask them to make some kind of interesting concoction that I’ll photograph and write about.

  4. Great idea. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely living room and of course, the adorable Pixie and Duke!

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