Truth and sleeping dogs


Truth is a sleeping dog.

Truth is in the details.

Truth is a black-light poster in the valley of darkness.

Truth is a symptom of consciousness.

Truth is fear itself.

Truth is the ballad of Echo and Narcissus.

Truth is the other shoe.

Truth is the uncertainty principle.

Truth is a mirage.

Truth is other people.

Truth is superposition.

Truth is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Truth is an oasis.

Truth is a fetish.

Truth is just another word for nothing left to do.

Truth is anisotropic.

Truth is a sandcastle.

Truth is absolutely necessary without necessarily being absolute.

Truth is the essence of dissolve.

Truth has fallen in the forest.

Let the truth lie.


In memoriam: Duke, 1999 – April 5, 2009.  He was a really good dog.




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15 responses to “Truth and sleeping dogs

  1. Mark S.

    Duke you were a very special friend. And even though I met you just a few times you were a wonderful companion and your human caretakers loved you dearly. I know you are wishing them the best.


  2. sj

    God, did you smell, Duke. But you made it from the small-time Quad Cities to the big city. How many things did you knock over through your muscular enthusiasm? We’ll miss you, you big galoot.

  3. michellebloom

    happy travels duke. beautiful poem…

  4. Margaret

    I hope heaven is a green field with an endless supply of bunnies to chase and lots of “people food” to snarf from the table. we’ll miss you, Duke. (And lovely poem, John.)

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss John, I know how it feels when they pass on. Here’s a huge hug. He must be in a better place – in Doggy heaven or even better, in your heart. That’s a great place to be.

    Beautiful poem, very touching. And he looks like an awesome dog. He lived a long and happy life. I may not have known him, but the moment I saw the picture, there was something about him.


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  7. john

    To all the friends who’ve commented and those who’ve looked … thanks for your sympathies. It’s going to be an interesting time emotionally for a while, as grieving goes through its stages. I just hope that Duke’s passing will remind me how much love I am, myself, capable of and how I should share it with the people of this world. Thanks you all for your thoughts. And now … playing in the background is Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. I must stop and just feel things for a bit. Be well…

  8. michelle

    Oh, John… hugs to you. Big huge hugs to you.

    I’m sure The Man in Black is giving Duke a giant scritch behind his ears as I type. Be strong, be weak, and let the healing happen.

    Much affection & peace, my friend.

  9. Oh, dear. I’m sorry you lost your friend. This was a lovely post for him.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. saira

    oh john, i’m so sorry to hear this news. it’s a beautiful tribute though. inspiration is sort of truth slapping us in the face, no?

  11. viktoryian

    I´m sorry it happened… I know how hard it is because my very first dog died when I was 15 or so… Malyshka was my great friend, we actually grow up together. Now I´m 24, still remember her and miss her. Now I´ve got 2 more dogs back home and in Lima where I live now I´m taking care of the street dogs. Love animals! I believe they are amazing friends and unique personalities!
    Great tribute! Duke was very beautiful!

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