The truth and magic: One Hundred Years of ‘Tude

The magically-unreal story of how it all began …

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, whose right to shoot him was protected by the second amendment, Colonel Aureliano Boone was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover books.  At the time, America was a village of McMansions built on the bank of a river of polluted water that ran along a bed of stones polished to unearthly brilliance by chemical waste, petroleum fertilizers, and random sewerage, all of which made the children look like fat prehistoric eggs.  The world was so recent that many things lacked names, for nothing lasted longer than the attention span of an 8-year old pointing his stubby, French Fry fingers at things he could not understand.  Every year during the month of March a family of ragged right-wingers would set up their tents near the village, and with a great uproar of pipes and kettledrums they would create new radio shows.  A heavy gypsy with an untamed ignorance and limp, fist-fucking hands, who introduced himself as Rush Limbaugh, put on a bold demonstration of what he himself called the eighth wonder of the learned alchemists of Kansas, where scientific knowledge had peaked around the time of the Scopes trial.  He broadcast from house to house, his ideas attracting every angry white racist, bigot, gun owner, know-nothing dipshit, and ditto-headed idiot who had been lost for a long time, dragging along in turbulent confusion behind Rush Limbaugh’s magnetic charm.  “Freedom has a life of its own,” the gypsy proclaimed with a nondescript Midwestern accent.  “It’s simply a matter of waking up its soul.”

Notes and Credits

Photograph of Glenn Beck at the Rally to Restore Honor from Wikimedia Commons.  Parody of Gabriel Garcia Marquez courtesy of satire.


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5 responses to “The truth and magic: One Hundred Years of ‘Tude

  1. Wow, future history writ. How scary.

  2. jsmith

    Um, actually, you’re wrong, as most leftists are.

    You really should crack open a history book every now and then.

  3. Perhaps you should not presume to know me. History is one of my specialties. And if you were a bit more discerning, you would have picked up that both the post and my response were written with a heavy dose of irony.

    You really should read more Jonathan Swift.

    • Well put Lita. How are you by the way…. ? You may have noticed I’ve been writing very little lately… the old day job demanding my attention, in between readings of history and satire. –John

      • John,
        Yes, I’ve been writing less of late myself. Health issues. As with everything else, this too shall pass.

        I love how these bizarre responses just pop up every once in a while. The problem is usually that the commenter is responding in a vacuum, having no prior knowledge of the blog’s content or the mindset of the author or regular readers. Usually I try to ignore them, but this one pissed me off with the snide little comment about “cracking open a history book now and then.” Please.

        Take care, and try not to work too hard.

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