The view from 4-A, 9.11.09


When I wrote the post on the view from our building this afternoon, I wasn’t sure if the clouds would obscure the view of the memorial lights tonight.  For a few minutes, however, the clouds parted just enough for me open the window and take this last photograph from the windows of apartment 4-A.

For all who perished, and for all who remain.



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4 responses to “The view from 4-A, 9.11.09

  1. micehell

    i twittered it, but let me reiterate:

    that is a picture beyond words. there’s a lot of poetic symbolism there & it’s inspiring.

    cheers, from my place to yours my friend.

  2. That is an awe-inspiring photo. Profoundly moving. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. thank micehell and Selma. This has been my 9.11 view for 3 years, and it will no longer be. I am moving to a new apt on the 27th. I am leaving a print of that photo, however, in the window with a note to the new residents, telling them what they’ll see a year from now and asking that they please honor the view. I was working on getting photos for 5 hours that night, taking dozens and dozens of pics with different shutter speeds, trying not to wiggle the camera, waiting for the clouds to clear. It worth it. Fot an even better photo, go to for this photo by my friend in the neighborhood. He’s a real photog. I wonder what view I’ll have next year….

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